A lot of people have been posting their “Year in review” posts in which they talk about what they’ve achieved this year and how awesome it has been. But seeing as my year was spectacular, I’m going to be writing about 2014, my year TO review. Because it is going to be spectacular.. hopefully.

I’m going to mention some parts of 2013 in this post in reference to what’s going to change in 2014. And with that, let us get on to the first thing.


Getting into shape was a recent development for me (September 2013) and I don’t know what started it. One day, I think it was just before I was getting into the shower, and I thought to myself “Why don’t you join a gym and get really shredded?”. So I teamed up with my good friend Syeef and started getting shredded. I’m not completely out of shape, I played some sports when I was in high school, but since college I haven’t done anything. It isn’t a vanity thing either. My line of work doesn’t bode well for my fitness levels (sitting at a computer for a living/fun can’t be good for anyone) and I would like to lead a healthier life. So number one on the list for 2014 is “Getting shredded”.

Work ethic

My work ethic in late 2013 was shite. Utter shite. There was a point in summer where I had the best work ethic I had ever had. I had nothing to do (with it being summer) so I was just picking up frameworks, and hacking around with little bits whilst learning lots. And then something changed, and to this day I have no idea what it was but my work ethic fell through the roof. It just dropped off the scale and I couldn’t get it back. And oh how I tried. I’ve read a number of articles about getting a good work ethic (routines, consistency etc.) so whatever it takes, I will get it back in 2014.


I’ve never been the quickest reader, but I do enjoy reading. It usually takes me around 6 months to finish a 300 page book because I can never just sit down and read. I sit down, and if I’m not fully engrossed in the book then my mind wonders and thinks of something that needs to be done, and then I have to stop reading. But this Christmas I got John Bishop’s autobiography and I couldn’t put it down. I read it in about 5 days, which is super impressive for me. And I know that I had a lot of down time to read it, with it being the holidays. But I think if I can give myself a time of day that is designated reading time then I can really start to enjoy reading.


This is something I say every year. This is my “Healthy eating/weight loss”. That I say all the time, but never do. Or stick to for a month or so and then it gets dropped. But I would like to blog more. I like writing. My words may not flow eloquently like those of Stephan Fry, but I enjoy conveying my thoughts through the medium of words.


But not blog posts. A novel. I’m currently drafting this post on iA Writer (sadly not the pro version.. yet) and when I first got it, I said to my friend Ben that I wish I wrote more so I would have an excuse to use this app. When WriterPro was released he said “Writer Pro makes me want to write a novel, just so I can use the app.”. And that’s what we plan on doing. Granted, it probably won’t be very good but it’s something I have wanted to do for a while. Now I just need to get the £28 to buy the apps.


2014 is the year I graduate from university and have to get a job. A real job. A proper working job. With work. And commitments. But there’s more pressure than just getting a job in my own time and move out when I secure one because Grace (my better half) is starting her Masters in September so we’ll be needing to move into (and pay for) accommodation for us both. So if you need a front end web developer, definitely get in touch.

To sum up, I guess I need to get shit done. That was my problem in 2013, shit wasn’t getting done. I knew what I wanted to do but I just wasn’t doing it. But 2014 will be the year that shit gets done.