This is my “Hey, I’ve switched to Jekyll Blog”.

I know I’m pretty late to the game and the Jekyll bandwagon has been and gone, but there’s no denying how neat it is. I was able to Jekyllify my website in about an hour. And it wasn’t a pain in the ass. But enough people have blown Jekyll’s trumpet, I’m not going to beat the dead horse.

This is more of “You can find me here now” blog post. I used to blog on a fantastic blogging site made by two wickedly talented developers, Sam Soffes and Drew Wilson. There’s absolutly nothing wrong with Roon but I’m leaving for motivational reasons. I feel like I don’t have to update Roon, where I feel like I will have to update the blog on my own website.

What you should expect to read

The plan is to update with blogs about problems I have overcome. This is for two reasons; number 1 because I hope that writing a post about what I was stuck on will help to ingrain it in my brain so that I will know what to do if I encounter it again, and number 2 because maybe, just maybe, it will help someone else, who is stuck on the same problem. Probably maybe no rants. I’ll just and keep my cynical tendencies to Twitter.

Thanks for reading and that’s all folks.